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Valentine's Day is here

Generally did not fall on such holidays and on "Valentine" can write, and argue a lot, but now I can save myself the trouble of unnecessary philosophizing, so I'll just say - with or without cause, feed is something special, wine, atmosphere .. on such occasions many good things, so today we will share with you:


- Appetizer of raw mung beans with a nutty tahini, garlic and lemon (extra goes on toast with cherry tomatoes)
- Roasted vegetables with avocado and two kinds of pesto (tomato sauce with garlic and black pepper, mustard sauce with lemon and dried basil)
- Chocolate-orange cheesecake with poppy and coffee (vegan in cup)


As I have said many times - weights and proportions do not remember and I can not follow recipes .. but this time is good for nashtrakah photos, so I hope everyone gets to Sites Here today to something like this kind of "menu" and do whatever you both want to celebrate :)

Soak in a jar a protein mix for germination, which contains organic chickpeas, lentils and fenugreek. The seeds are soaked overnight in 2-3 days ready for consumption and must wash at least twice a day.

So they crushed seeds with nutty tahini / raw /, garlic, salt and hot water from a jar of peppers .. Optionally you can add olive oil or any other vegetable oil. Pate may be greased baking bread on it garnish with parsley, lemon and other fresh vegetables as desired.

Protein with the same mix of seeds you can garnish various salads, sauces or vegetable main dishes. In this case, I baked a pan with a little olive oil - eggplant, zucchini, avocado and carrot. Chinese cabbage with lemon remain raw.

Sauces to make them available materials like salt hardly use, but this type of vegetable is good to have a sour (lemon balm) taste or mustard dressing that goes on especially zucchini and carrot. In the case stirred the mustard, lemon juice and dried basil (lower gravy bowl). For the tomato sauce I use home canned tomatoes in the summer, with a little minced garlic and pepper (upper gravy bowl).

And before I show you the dessert (I guess in this case - the most interesting part of the post) then I just want to say a quick word about 2-3 products because many are wondering exactly what to use and how to combine.

On organic products and their attributes do not explain those things where you know them. Of course, when I get the chance, I prefer to use organic products, especially if they are raw or powdered form. There is not my purpose so to do some obvious unpaid advertising specific brands, just to show you what's in a similar recipe that I would dare to do very often, because of the time of preparation conditions and ultimately - the price obtained for such raw pleasure.

Used for chocolate raisins and Greek Bio Maca root powder. In general, the dried fruits they do not have much confidence that - bio. Coconut oil is cold pressed, organic and fair trade products. A bio lemons got simply because I wanted to use in the crust cheesecake without worry about the chemical cocktail, which usually cover the surface.

The products are usually bought directly from organic shops around the center, such as Green Earth or Zoya.BG. Organic fruits and vegetables, unfortunately very hard to find, but if you are a large enthusiast in Billa (Bulgaria Blvd) has a whole stand for raw meat products, as well as some more exotic fruits like lemons and bio organic avocado.

For some dark melted 1 package dark chocolate (preferably vegan and bitter) in a water bath with as many raisins 3-4 tablespoons brewed coffee and 1 tablespoon Maca powder. Stir well until all the chocolate is melted completely.

For the "cheese effect" Soak 100 g organic cashews for about two hours in cold water. Then washed and ground into a blender along with 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and the juice of one lemon least. Add clean water according to the desired density.

Gently mix the two parts of the dessert in a large cup it is very important then to leave it in the fridge to tighten at least a few hours. I personally put it in the camera for about an hour because I could not wait to photograph him. :) Top washed grate zest and orange.

Greetings from me, love and be healthy.

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