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Blueberry Morning

Good morning!


It is cold outside, but lately I have reason to re-accustomed to getting up early and not a bad guy to spend some time at home and awake some light and easy breakfast. As most of you probably know, about to come to pass a long-awaited by me (and by me) dream - to open our colorful and tasty soul kitchen diner, a dream of a group of culinary enthusiasts and professionals, which will soon be revealed us to the white world ;) Information and details about the project - very, very soon :)

But back to breakfast. Usually have the time and desire to complex and time-consuming things before a long day brain teaser out, so the easiest and quickest thing I can do is simply two minutes - troubled.

Of course .. Shoot your smoothies and can not remember what was in it : D The main players are, however, banana and fresh blueberries in case package purchased by a large store, but if you have available fresh berries - even better.

Mix in a shaker jar:

  • ripe soft bananas (in points)
  • blue or fresh cranberries
  • vegan milk choice (rice, soy or nut)
  • parsley
  • maca powder (optional)

Beat everything for about a minute, and if necessary add a little water or apple juice.

Successful day!


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