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Batak Mountain

A walk in the early spring we visited the Rhodopes and especially the area around the Batak. Batak Mountain is part of the Western Rhodopes. Much of nature are pine forests.

The area is not difficult to climb or walk, but encouraging signs asking tourists. :)

Snow Cave is located near the town of Cave. It was discovered accidentally in 1961 by climbers who first entered it at 9 am and end late, captivated by the beauty in.

The cave is relatively difficult to access, you must climb the long green path. After the departure of the main road from gr.Peshtera to Batak, there are about 2 km asphalt road leading to parking if you arrive by car.

Length is only 145 m at a constant annual temperature of 9 degrees. "Snow White" consists of several beautiful halls of udders, Great Hall, Music Hall related Landslip, which passes over a bridge. In Magic room built of snow-white crystalline sintar, nature has created figure, likened the lovely heroine, gave the cave its name.

Batak is the administrative center of Pazardzhik and is located in a mountainous area of ​​1036 m altitude in the valley of Old River on its two sides.

Batak surroundings were inhabited since ancient times, evidence of archaeological sites are found: ruins of numerous (about 20) Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and Slavic strongholds over 10 churches and monasteries, Thracian tombs, Roman bridge and others.

Saint Chark resort is on the southwest shore of the lake "Batak" near Rakitovo and Batak.

The place is interesting for tents in a warm part of the year, but the resort offers plenty of hotels, guest houses and villas near the dam.

More pictures you can see here .

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