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Did you know that October 1 is conducted worldwide Vegetarian Day? In general I do not see much sense of celebration of something you do every day anyway, but I want to say something about it. You notice that facebook is kind enough to remind us what we have done 3-4-6 years .. I open myself to my story and look for positions mainly in egetarianstvo and veganism. Tedious work. No wonder that years ago I poiztriha people with whom we have been friends for years .. before the era of facebook : D . To me I became very annoying and for years I paused, except the occasional recipe, I know you were missing. I do not believe I have people who teach others how to live - if one felt so please be excused. It has no benefit.
And in general, the question is not who eats what, obviously, that the market is spoiled for us prezadovoli - everyone has a head on his shoulders thinking and money in your pocket to spend.
The issue is with your daily decisions and actions to be aware of the causes and consequences of our choices. The question is to ask what distinguishes us from animals; what is what led us by cavers to become intelligent beings who build roads, machinery and buildings. Are we at all reasonable? What we do with nature, why kill all life, all you need is this?
The question is to ask you feel compassion and sympathy for the weak, whether it is an animal, child or even someone like us, but just in a bad period of my life.
The question is why we accept the animals for our slaves property ownership? Banal enough, but I do not think that life has a price.
I never for a vegetarian diet, fashion or fad. I accept it as a natural extension of all the issues I have listed above. And a lot more.
Be healthy.


Photo: http://www.findingvegan.com/sun-dried-tomato-basil-vegan-arancini/

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